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For production companies filming in the United States, Payday offers payroll services with compliance, integrity, competitive rates and excellent customer service. Payday's knowledgeable staff specializes in processing payroll for many types of union and non-union projects including commercials, interactive, music videos, new media, non-broadcast, print, television and theatrical movies.
Celebrating 50 Years of Entertainment Payroll Services.

Family owned and operated since 1971.

Payday Insurance Services has been operating since 2006. Payday Insurance Services provides commercial insurance services for more than twenty states. If you have questions please call or email Ron Renaud Jr

If you need Dental Insurance click here. Payday Dental Plan

Please contact Melly Lindsay or Ron Renaud to learn how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

HELP FOR OUR EMPLOYEES Have a change of address? Need a reprint of a W-2? Please email your signed request to our front desk. Need your days submitted to Contract Services? Email your request (including include your name, address, social security number, union local and the covered period of time) to front desk. Looking for a check? Just speak to our receptionist at 818-859-7640. Can I get Direct Deposit? Yes, please contact our paymasters. Why is there a minus sign in front of my reimbursement? This means it was a non-taxable reimbursement. What is Adj. Gross? SDI (State Disability Insurance) is not taxable, and deducted from your earnings, creating your Adj. Gross. Have a question not listed here? Email our front desk. HELP FOR OUR CLIENTS What are Union scale rates? Please email front desk. Need a kit rental, mileage log or WTPA? Please email front desk. Need a Workers comp certificate? Please email Ron Renaud, Jr. Need our current payroll fringes? Please email Melly Lindsay. Want information on Payday's digital timecard? Please email Melly Lindsay. What is the current IRS mileage rate? You'll find it here on the IRS website. What is the 2018 Proposed IRS mileage rate? You'll find it here on the IRS website.
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Corona Virus Update

Payday is open for business and we are here for you. In order to keep our staff safe, most will be working from home with key employees working limited hours in the office. For questions regarding W-2s, missing pay checks or unemployment please email


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